Saturday, August 18, 2012

Marathi song Kamavar Jayla Ushir Zala Wat Maazi Bagtoy Rikshawala loksangeet

How to legally download Marathi song Kamavar Jayla Ushir Zala loksangeet free

Album Name :- Wat Maazi Bagtoy Rikshawala
Singer :- Eknath Mhali, Darshana Naik, Jagdish Patil, Rajendra Bargude.
Lyric :- Unknown
Music :- Unknown
DVD and Cd's on :- Krunal Music
Language: Marathi
Rate: Rupees 45 only

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6. De Batti De Batti
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This is a very famous song within release of month. I like this song very much. This song categorized under koli geete or loksangeet of Maharashtra. In every function I heared this song and people will like to rock and roll with his family. The music is so creative and live the song with full of joy. The song start with public routine life, because the lady saying that his late to go at work/office and his daily taxi driver waiting for him. It is a awesome song and accepted by every one in India.

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