Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jetaa Marathi Movie Review

Jeta एका सामान्य जोडप्याची असामान्य कथा

Cast of Marathi Film Jeta
Producer : Ramesh Deo Production
Direction & Story : Ajinkya Deo
Ramesh Deo : Play as Yeshwant Rajyadhyaksha
Seema Deo : Play as Sumati Rajyadhyaksha
Ajinkya Deo : Play as ACP Vikrant
Manva Naik : Play as Sweta

Jetaa [Awaken The Winnerr Within] Marathi Movie

Is the film of simple family. The concept of film is based on the attitude of person. When the situation change he might be do anything. Thats why the Film Jetaa has tag line, Awaken The Winnerr Within. Story of Jeta start from a well success lawyer Yeshwant Rajyadhyaksha [Ramesh deo] & his family. Within his life he is innocent person & fulfill all demands of his family. Yeshwant younger daughter work on his project about villages & farmer in Maharashtra. He found some evidences against the builders who grabbed farmers land, They kill her. Yashwant fight his case in court. After the case is dismissed he will direct fight against his enemy. The story is much interesting watch Jeta एका सामान्य जोडप्याची असामान्य कथा in your nearest Cinema Hall. The Jetaa Marathi Film Release on 6th August 2010 all over Maharashtra in Marathi language. Book your ticket to your nearest Cinema Hall.

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